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Trust Equestrian Bits

Trust Equestrian Bits

Many of our customers will know that bitting is something we are really passionate about here at Equitogs. We have an extensive collection of bits on our bit wall from lots of different brands and we feel strongly that the right bit can make so much difference to your horse’s happiness in their work, and therefore, their way of going.

It is important to ensure that you constantly review your horse’s bitting situation. Do they still seem happy in the bit you have chosen? Do you need to change bits, depending on what you are doing with your horse that day (e.g. schooling versus hacking, jumping versus dressage)? Has their education reached a stage which calls for a new bit? There are many factors to consider.

We have just taken on a new brand in Trust Equestrian and have ordered bits from their Inno Sense range. Trust is a Dutch company which is focused on making high quality, innovative products that are totally handmade in Holland. When you look at the bits, you can see the attention to detail that has been paid to each component during the design & manufacturing process and the bits have been finished to a very high standard. 



10th October 2018
Trust Bits
Trust Bits

The Inno Sense Flexi Soft bits are made of elastic synthetic material and is perfect for young horses just beginning their education, or sensitive mouthed horses who don’t like too much tongue pressure and therefore respond well to very soft, gentle bits. There are three different mouthpieces:

  • Soft – very smooth and flexible mouthpiece, ideal for horses just beginning their education as it encourages them to take the contact forward without intimidating them with pressure.
  • Medium – this mouthpiece is harder than the soft, but still has a slight flexibility to it, and is an ideal bit to step up to once the horse has accepted the contact well with a soft mouthpiece and needs something a bit steadier in the mouth to really develop consistency in the contact.
  • Hard – this mouthpiece is rigid and allows a steady contact for those who are progressing well in their education and are confident to take the contact forwards.

The material used for each mouthpiece is FDA approved – which means it is non-toxic. Each bit has a stainless steel core to ensure safety in the case of a horse chewing through the material. This is not something that is likely to happen unless the bit is very old and worn – however, it provides peace of mind in case of a freak incident as there are other similar bits on the market which do not have this feature.

The bits come with either a flex mouthpiece, a mullen mouthpiece or a ported mouthpiece – these provide varying levels of space for the tongue, depending on the preference of your particular horse. There are also a number of different cheek piece options which will provide different actions and levels of stability to suit different horses. There are bits for babies such as the soft mouthed, flex full cheek snaffle or the eggbutt or D-ring options also. There are also bits for stronger or more established horses such as the baby pelham or the two ring gag.

We are really impressed with the Inno Sense range and feel that these bits will be a great option for anyone looking to start a youngster or to settle a horse who has issues with a sensitive mouth. If you would like any advice regarding bitting then please do give us a call, or pop into the store to have a chat with one of our sales advisers regarding your particular needs and we will do our very best to find you the perfect solution.


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