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Second Skinz

Is there anything more devastating than getting your yard gloves soaking wet on a freezing cold day? We don’t think so, which is where the genius of Sealskinz comes in!

These super gloves are not only toasty warm, but are waterproof and windproof, to keep you comfy and warm in the colder months.

Sealskinz was founded over 30 years ago with the aim of developing and manufacturing endurance accessories for the outerwear market. Their first waterproof sock was launched 17 years ago and they have since been developing new technologies and fabrics to allow them to be at the top of the tree with a range of socks, hats and gloves, all boasting Sealskinz three-layer technology.



22nd February 2018

Here at Equitogs, we stock a variety of their gloves which are designed to be used for riding and around the yard – fabulous for hunting or hacking. We also stock their shooting gloves, which have been really popular this season.

They have various thermal ratings that are detailed on the packaging and range from 1 – 5, which is really helpful when deciding which product is best for your particular needs.

Most of the gloves we stock have StretchDry technology. This means that they have a hydrophilic membrane, which is unique as it is stretchy. This ensures that the gloves fit closely, whilst remaining waterproof and breathable. This makes them the ideal gloves to protect you against the elements whilst allowing excellent dexterity.

The super lightweight Nanosealz are the only gloves we stock from Sealskinz which are not 100% waterproof. These are water repellent, so will still ensure your hands are dry and warm, as long as you don’t go plunging them into the water trough for prolonged periods. This particular glove is handy as it is Touchscreen Friendly and allows fantastic dexterity.

We also stock headwear in the form of caps and lovely, snuggly bobble hats which are totally waterproof. Absolute genius – a warm, dry head without the need for an annoying hood that keeps falling over your eyes! Yay!

Sealskinz are definitely products worth investing in. They tick all the boxes for us equestrians and we give them a big, warm, dry thumbs up!

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