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Rambo Ionic

Rambo Ionic

This range of rugs from Horseware are at the forefront of innovative therapy products. We all like to ensure our horses are kept in tip top condition and are as comfortable and happy in their work as possible. The Rambo Ionic range is designed to help aid the process of recovery, whether that’s from a period of intense exercise or from an injury.

 What is Ionic Technology?

The inner fabric of the rug is printed with the powdered form of a substance called Tourmaline. This is a naturally occurring crystal which, when ground down to a powder form, releases an electric charge that converts the surrounding air molecules into negative ions.

Negative ions are air molecules that have gained an electron to get a negative charge. They are absorbed into the body and reduce the size of the water molecules in the blood stream. This allows water to flow faster through the body which increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscular system.


Rambo Ionic

Stimulates, Strengthens, Supports

The Rambo Ionic rugs can be used before exercise to prep the muscles for work and also afterwards, to reduce build-up of lactic acid which can cause muscle soreness. They can greatly speed up your horse’s recovery time and keep him feeling fantastic, even after a hard work out.

This technology aims to STIMULATE the circulatory system, ensuring more effective absorption of oxygen, increasing metabolic rate and helping to relieve pain and discomfort.

Regular use of these rugs can STRENGHTEN your horse’s performance by helping to improve concentration, increasing energy levels and aiding the immune system.

Rambo Ionic will SUPPORT your horse’s wellbeing by helping to disperse toxins within the body, regulating the PH balance of bodily fluids and reducing blood pressure.

Below are images taken before and after a thermography test, showing that the Rambo Ionic enhances circulation significantly, which is turn speeds up the process by which cells repair and re-generate.

Rambo Ionic


12th January 2018

We stock three rugs from the Rambo Ionic range:

Rambo Ionic Fleece

This smart rug has a breathable and wicking soft fleece inner, infused with the Ionic technology, underneath a cotton coated outer, which is much easier to keep clean and bedding-free than your average fleece rug. This rug is ideal for use as a light stable rug, as well as for travelling.

Rambo Ionic Sheet

The stable sheet is made from ring spun polyester, with moisture management technology. The Ionic technology is printed on the inside of the rug. This is a highly wicking and durable rug that can be used whilst travelling, in the stable or at a show. This stable sheet can be washed at 30 degrees and the Ionic print lasts a minimum of 25 washes.

Rambo Ionic Stable Rug

Horseware have combined their Rambo stable rug with Ionic technology for the ultimate in warmth and comfort. This stable rug has a 1000D ripstop polyester outer and thermobonded 200g fibre fill. The polyester lining is printed with Ionic technology. This is a beautifully smart, classically cut, lightweight rug which will keep your horse in fine fettle during the winter months.

Rambo Ionic
Rambo Ionic


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