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We are so excited to introduce to you our beautiful new range of bridles, which we have been eagerly awaiting for some time! They are absolutely flying out the door – we can hardly keep up with demand!

So, where can we start with PS of Sweden? There’s so much to love about this gorgeous range!

Well firstly, they are just stunningly beautiful; made from the best quality Sedgwick leather, which is soft and flexible, PS of Sweden have passionately designed their innovative bridles with the comfort of the horse at the forefront of their minds. They are the world leaders in anatomical bridles with heaps of knowledge and experience behind each and every design.

The headpiece on each bridle is ergonomically shaped so as to sit away from the base of the horse’s delicate ears, allowing for comfortable movement. The headpieces are also much wider than the traditional, which ensures even distribution of pressure over the poll and helps to alleviate discomfort in this sensitive area. This design helps to eliminate rubbing, pinching and pressure points and provides maximum comfort for your horse.

Each bridle also features:

  • Rubberised keepers, ensuring that the keepers do not slip down and allow the straps to become loose.
  • Elastic Cradles™ on the cheekpieces, which allow the bit to suspend in the horse’s mouth and help to even the pressure across the headpiece. These can be easily hooked on and off, depending on whether you wish to use them or not.
  • Click-it™ browband system. This fab feature is pure genius and allows you to change your horse’s browband in a matter of seconds, without the need to remove the bridle to do so.

Each bridle comes with its own plain leather browband, which matches the style of the bridle to which it is attached. However, there is a vast range of absolutely incredible, blingy, sparkly gorgeousness to choose from should you so wish. The browbands are simply beautiful and very tastefully designed, really giving the wow factor. Each stone is hand stitched onto the browband, which means that they will stay firmly in place. There’s nothing worse than buying a beautiful sparkly browband, only to lose a stone after a just few uses! Below are some of our favourites:



19th October 2017
PS of Sweden

Go Indigo Browband

Hot Chocolate Browband

PS of Sweden

Violet Delight Browband

We have several bridles in store, which we have detailed below:

The Pioneer

This is PS of Sweden’s unique answer to the drop noseband, which aims to solve the issues that occur with more traditional models. The height of the noseband is adjustable in three places, allowing for a perfect fit and minimising the risk of the bit locking. The cross-sectional design of the noseband curves around the horse’s face, away from the ultra-sensitive Infraorbital Nerve and also minimises the risk of the cheekpieces being too close to the horse’s eyes. It fastens with a snap hook; however, this can be easily removed to allow the noseband to be buckled in a more traditional fashion.

The High Jump

This bridle has a very unique noseband; great for horses who are sensitive in the mouth, it is designed to alleviate any pressure on the teeth from the outside, which will diminish possible bit related issues.  The bow that lies over the bridge of the nose is super flexible and adjustable, so you can ensure a perfect fit for each individual horse. 

The All In

This bridle is super smart and stylish. It features a striking patent croc print on the cavesson with lacquered piping, which is padded with Air Foam – this distributes pressure evenly across the nose. The flash strap, brow band and cheek pieces are finished beautifully in rolled leather.

The Flying Change

This bridle has been very popular indeed. It features an ergonomically cut cavesson noseband which relieves pressure from the sensitive parts of the horse’s face. The flash strap can be easily removed, with no unsightly flash loop left behind. The stitching on the leather gives a subtle but very stylish finish to the bridle. This bridle also comes in a deluxe version, with a patent noseband for that extra bit of style!

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