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New Rug Developments – Horseware Ireland

New Rug Developments – Horseware Ireland

New Horseware Rugs

The season has changed and winter is well and truly upon us! It seems only yesterday that we were whinging about the endless rain of last winter… It’s not all bad though as we have got some exciting new winter rugs that have arrived in-store.

If your horses need new rugs, now is the time to invest. Horseware Ireland have been working super hard to update their products and have released some great new rugs in time for the Autumn/Winter 18/19 season. We have outlined the exciting changes below – we’re sure there will be something in the new range that will be perfect for your horse!



25th January 2019

Rambo Tech Duo

Horseware Rugs

Amigo Hero Acy Plus

  • Rambo Duo, Bundle Duo and Tech Duo

We have stocked the Rambo Duo for quite a while now and it is really popular as it consists of a tough and durable 100g outer with detachable hood and a removable 300g liner. The turnout rug is made from 1000D ballistic nylon, making it extremely hard wearing and it is also completely waterproof & breathable. This is probably one of our most popular turnout rugs as it is so versatile and will be useful throughout the winter season. However, Horseware have released two exciting new Duo combinations which we think will be just as popular, if not more so!

First up is the Duo Bundle which comes in a smart colour combination of Navy with Beige & Red. The bundle is perfect to take you all the way from Autumn, through winter and then early spring with a 100g outer and hood, removable 300g liner and a removable 100g liner – making it a light, medium and heavy weight rug in one! 

Next is the Tech Duo, which is available in a smart Denim & Tan colour! This is perfect for Autumn or Spring, or for those horses who don’t tend to feel the cold too much. The bundle includes a 50g outer and detachable hood, with a removable 150g liner and an Airmax liner which is a guaranteed time saver. This handy feature allows you to put your horse’s rug on whilst they are still wet after exercise as it will wick away any moisture from the horse’s coat to ensure they don’t catch a chill. 

  • Rambo Optimo Turnout

This is not a new rug for Horseware, but we’re highlighting it as we haven’t stocked it before. The Optimo turnout is made from 1000D ballistic nylon, making it really tough and durable, whilst being totally waterproof and breathable. The Surefit neck design and Rambo split technology allows complete freedom of movement. Other features include; reflective strips, anti-static & anti-bacterial lining which enhances shine and three straight quick release surcingles for a secure fit. The Rambo Optimo is more suited to broad chested horses or for those with big necks – it fits deeper and more generously than a standard Duo. 

New Horseware Rugs
  • Rhino Plus with Vari-Layer

The popular Rhino range has been completely revamped for the Autumn/Winter 18/19 season. The rugs still have the famous check design but it has been modernised and looks beautifully smart, we love it! All the Rhino rugs now come with Horseware’s Vari-Layer technology, which ensures more warmth with less weight. The thermobonded fibrefill is layered to gain maximum heat retention, whilst the rugs are lighter and easier to store. 

Rhino rugs also have barrier technology, with a 3 year guarantee on waterproofness. The barrier technology consists of 4 layers:

  1. The tough 1000D polypropylene outer fabric is lightweight but 50-100% tougher than the coated polyester used for the majority of rugs on the market today. It also has excellent water resistance properties.
  2. The middle barrier layer is coated with AquaTrans™ technology and is totally waterproof.
  3. The thermobonded fibrefill is super lightweight but efficiently traps and retains warm air to keep your horse cosy.
  4. The polyester lining is anti-static, anti-bacterial and shine enhancing.

We stock the Rhino Plus 250g turnout, which comes with the Surefit neck design and V-Front closure for a comfortable, secure fit and freedom of movement, a detachable hood, leg arches, cross surcingles and reflective strips. We also have the Rhino Pony All-In-One, which offers all these features with an integrated neck with no seams to help avoid rubbing.

  • Amigo Hero Acy Plus

Horseware have also just launched a new fabric for the extremely popular range of Hero turnout rugs. The tough and durable 900D Air Conditioned Polyester Yarn is revolutionary, allowing Horseware to produce a rug which is waterproof but super lightweight and breathable, whilst being with a high level of rip stop. We have stocked the Hero Acy Plus 100g with disc-front closure, which comes with a detachable hood, Surefit neck design, front leg arches, cross surcingles, shine enhancing polyester lining. We will also be getting the 200g medium weight turnout in later this season. The Hero Acy Turnout is a excellent quality rug at fabulous value for money!

  • Rambo Wool Sheet

The gorgeous new wool sheet from the Rambo range is so versatile. This smart sheet has excellent wicking and temperature regulation properties; perfect to use as a cooler, for layering in the stable or for travelling.

  • Rambo Cotton Sheet

This sheet is new from the Rambo range and is such a handy little rug to have in your horse’s wardrobe. It has excellent wicking properties so is perfect to use after exercise to ensure your horse stays warm whilst they are drying off. This rug is definitely smart enough to use for shows and will store super easily in your lorry or trailer.

  • Ionic Exercise Sheet

We are very excited that Horseware have introduced this exercise sheet into their Rambo Ionic range. This range is a selection of therapy rugs and boots, helping you to keep your horse feeling tip top. Check out our Rambo Ionic blog for a more in depth explanation of the benefits of Ionic technology. The Rambo Ionic Exercise Sheet consists of a smooth cotton outer with a soft fleece inner which is infused with Ionic technology. It is easy to fit with velcro front closures and the cut-away side sections allow the rider’s leg to work effectively, whilst keeping the horse warm and comfortable. 

Rambo Stable Sheet
Rambo Ionic Exercise Sheet
Rambo Wool Sheet



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