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As we’re sure you know, we are spoilt for choice with the range of bits that are available on the market today. This is great as you can pretty much find a bit to suit every eventuality, but on the other hand, the range of choice can be a bit intimidating, not to mention confusing – especially when there are many that look identical to each other, but are at completely different price points. Why is that?

Let’s take an example. This is the Neue Schule Verbindend:

Neue Schule

And this is a similar alternative option:

They look pretty much the same, right? So why is the Verbindend priced at £81.95, whilst its lookalike is priced at £21.50? For us at Equitogs, we would spend the money on the Verbindend every time. But why?

First let us explain a little bit about Neue Schule. The company was founded by Heather Hyde, who started one of the very first bit rental companies in the UK in the late 1990s. Neue Schule recognise that correct bitting can be a difficult issue to achieve and have put tons of research and science into every bit they create. They understand that every horse is different and therefore try their hardest to find a solution for every issue that can arise, keeping the comfort and happiness of the horse at the centre of what they do. Their philosophy is simple – that which is good for the horse is all that matters, the rest will follow. So how do they put this into practice, we hear you ask?

What are NS bits made of?

Most bits are made from metal, due to its strength and the fact that you can mould it into very precisely designed shapes. Stainless steel is the traditional metal of choice; however, this is a very cold metal and some horses may find it unpleasant in their mouths.

Neue Schule have combatted this problem by manufacturing their bits using Salox Gold which is warm, soft and of low bioactivity (meaning that it is low in odours and tastes which can distract the horse). This metal rapidly reaches blood temperature in the horse’s mouth and this helps the horse to accept the contact much more quickly than with a traditional bit, to be more in tune with the rider’s aids.

What makes NS mouthpieces different?

Neue Schule have designed a vast range of ingenious mouthpieces using Computer Aided Design, which enables them to precisely match bit design to equine mouth conformation. This ensures that their mouthpieces are created ergonomically, meaning they sit much more comfortably in the horse’s mouth. This encourages the horse to soften and relax through the jaw, which in turn allows the rider’s aids to be given much more clearly down the rein.

You can see from the photos below, the difference in the mouthpieces on the NS bits compared with their cheaper alternatives:



10th November 2017
Neue Schule

For us, there is no comparison – the Neue Schule will win every time. The innovation, science and passion behind every bit design is plain to see and we absolutely love them (as do our horses). If you are struggling with bit related issues then please do pop into store and have a chat with one of our staff members, who will be only too happy to advise you. We have a wealth of experience between us and we’re confident we can find you a solution.


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