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Make mine a Jin

Make mine a Jin

We absolutely love the variety of choice that is available these days when it comes to horsey gear; especially the riding hats you can choose from.

There are all sorts of styles, colours and materials you can go for and there is such a variety of hat shapes to choose from. You can be sure to find something that fits you perfectly and there’s no need to just make do with something that you don’t necessarily like the look of, just because there is nothing else available.

We love the fact that us riders can really bring our own individual style to our riding hats and make a real statement. It’s great to go to a competition and see all the different hats bobbing around the collecting ring – it just makes things feel fresher, more colourful and more up beat.



1st March 2018
JIN Stirrup Helmets

Now, we like to ensure that we are able to offer a really comprehensive range of products here. We know just how tricky some heads can be to fit for a riding hat; it’s important to us to ensure we have a really good stock of all sorts of hats here so that we know we can offer all our customers a hat that fits them well, and therefore protects them properly. We also love to investigate new products – and there is nothing hotter right now than the new ultra-lightweight and super sporty riding helmets from Jin Stirrup Horse Riding.

These hats are so comfortable to wear and offer a look that certainly stands out from the norm. They are made from fibreglass, which means they are super tough and protective, whilst remaining light as a feather; so much so that you can totally forget you are wearing a helmet and concentrate fully on your horse.

They come with a fantastic air ventilation system which allows for easy air flow to keep your head cool, even in hotter temperatures. They also have a removable liner system, which means you can wash your liner regularly. This stops your sweat from breaking down the fibres in the liner, meaning that your hat will last you longer – plus, it won’t stink to high heaven! Always a plus point in our book! 

They are rigorously tested, in line with all current competition standards and are totally competition legal, being certified to the European standard PAS 015 2011 and VG1 01.040 2014-12/ASTM F 1163-13. Each hat is tested for shock absorbance, penetration, deflection, chin strap strength and also coverage zones.

We are really proud of the fact that we are able to offer such a great range of riding hats here at the store. Every head is different and therefore, not every hat will fit every head. All our staff are professionally trained in hat fitting and are committed to ensuring that each of  our customers goes away with a hat that is suitable for them individually. Pop in today to have a look at our range and for a professional fitting.


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