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Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy

As horse lovers, our main priority is the comfort and happiness of our beloved equines. Horses seem to be living longer than ever before, and many will continue working way into their 20s, and sometimes even their thirties. Our customers are often looking for ways in which to ensure the soundness and comfort of their horses.

There are a number of natural therapy treatments available on the market to assist us in helping our horses stay comfortable. One of these is magnetic therapy, which has become increasingly popular in the treatment of arthritis and general aches and pains.

What is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy uses magnetic fields to help increase circulation within the body, which flushes out toxins and metabolic waste. It’s a non-invasive treatment and is drug free, making it completely natural. The aim is to reduce inflammation and swelling and to provide pain relief. It’s fantastic for horses doing a lot of intense work and also for those suffering from arthritis.

The main benefits are:

  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Stimulates circulation, speeding up injury recovery time
  • Flushes out toxins from the body
  • Encourages regeneration of healthy tissue, elastin and collagen
  • Can be used everyday
  • Help to prevent stiff aching joints
  • Helps to relax horses and warm up muscles prior to exercise


magnetic therapy

How does it work?

All cells within the body have electromagnetic properties, which means they can be energised by a magnetic field. By placing a magnet against the body, this increases blood flow and cellular activity, which in turn can accelerate the rate at which cells regenerate and repair.

Where can I use them?

You can use magnetic therapy on any part of the horse’s body and there are a range of products available on the market – from back pads, to rugs, to stable, hock and hoof boots, the possibilities are endless!

When should I not use magnetic therapy?

• On open wounds – You would not want to increase blood flow to an open wound as the blood would not be able to clot sufficiently, which would in turn cause further blood loss.
• Tumours – Magnetic therapy increases cellular activity which encourages cell regeneration. This would be a disaster in the case of a cancerous tumour.
• On a horse with a known heart murmur
• On pregnant mares in the first trimester of pregnancy (or if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy yourself)
• Near anyone with a pacemaker as the magnets have the potential to interfere with the system.
• During exercise – only ever use magnetic therapy when the horse is at rest.

Below are some of the products that we stock here at Equitogs:



12th September 2017

Veredus Magnetik Stable Boots

Designed to encourage the regeneration of tissue, elastin and collagen. They are a very effective alternative to stable bandaging, offering support to the lower leg. They have an interchangeable inner lining which is made from highly absorbent quick dry material, designed to wick moisture away. Great for horses who have had tendon issues or whose legs tend to fill when stabled.

magnetic therapy
magnetic therapy

Veredus Magnetik Hock Boots

The Hock boot features 16 Neodymium magnets which are evenly distributed on both sides of the hock.  These are extremely beneficial for horses prone to bone spavins and those who suffer with arthritic symptoms.

Veredus Magnetik Hoof Boots

A great choice for horses diagnosed with navicular, or arthritis in the coffin joint. Also, can aid healing when your horse is recovering from a puncture wound.

You can use them every day for horses with poor hoof condition – they will help to improve good hoof growth and potentially reduce the need for hoof supplements.

magnetic therapy
magnetic therapy

Another great product is the Bucas Recuptex Therapy Rug which is made from an extremely fine stainless-steel mesh, which acts like a Faraday Shield; reflecting the magnetic fields created inside the body. Great for treating horses with chronic back issues, it helps to accelerate recovery.

The rug can be left on your horse for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you so wish. However, it is advisable to build up to this slowly and monitor use carefully. The properties in the rug will warm up the muscle, which may cause your horse to sweat after long periods of use.

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