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As we’re sure every horse owner is well aware, horses are extremely fragile creatures and absolutely love to injure themselves at every given opportunity! We get all sorts of people coming into store; from happy hackers, to top level competition riders, to hunting people. Almost all of the people who walk through our door will have had a woeful injury story to tell us at some point in; including our very own staff!

One of the most common things we hear about in store are tendon and ligament injuries. Horses’ legs are so delicate and we can put them under a lot of strain with the work we ask them to do.

There can be all sorts of reasons that a horse will pick up a tendon injury, and it goes without saying that you should always seek assistance/advice from your vet for this type of issue. However, there are things you can do to help to prevent serious injury occurring in the first place. We feel that the utmost care should be taken of your horse’s legs, no matter what kind of work you’re are asking them to do.


Here at Equitogs, one of our extremely popular products is the ICE-VIBE boots from Horseware Ireland. They are therapy boots which combine cooling and massage features to help prevent injury to horse’s legs and can also be used, in conjunction with veterinary input, to aid recovery from ligament or tendon injuries.

The boots come with two cold packs, which help to reduce inflammation and swelling in the legs; and also feature movable, vibrating panels which help to promote circulation and healing. The blood supply to your horse’s tendons is limited, compared to other areas of the body and cooling their legs too quickly can inhibit the circulation further, which can cause an inflammatory response, and cause more damage in the long term. The cooling and massaging features of the ICE-VIBE boots combined, will cool your horse’s legs steadily whilst still promoting circulation. These boots are great for regular use on competition horses, hunters or those who suffer with puffy legs; and they are especially useful during injury rehab and box rest.

They have three vibrating settings:

1. Prepare – this setting is for everyday use and can be used with or without a cold pack to boost circulation and prepare your horse’s legs for exercise.

2. Treatment – this setting is slightly more powerful and can also be used with or without a cold pack. This setting is recommended to relieve signs of soreness & swelling and to drain out any build-up of toxins in the tendons.

3. Repair – this is the strongest setting, and should only be used with the cold packs, after exercise or injury to stimulate the restoration of damaged tissue. They have an automatic treatment time of 20 minutes before they turn themselves off.


For best results, always wait until the legs are cool to touch before putting the ICE-VIBE boots on your horse. During exercise, the temperature of a horse’s tendons can increase by between 6 and 8 degrees and can melt the ice packs if you apply them too soon. The ice packs should be functional for around 40 minutes and can really help to mitigate the risk of injury to the tendons by reducing the elasticity created by the heat.

Each set contains:

• x2 ICE-VIBE boots
• x2 cold packs
• x2 vibrating panels
• x1 battery charger (which plugs into both so you can charge them at the same time!)
• x4 charging adaptor plugs for universal use

You can also purchase extra ice packs separately, which are handy to keep in the freezer as spares.


11th September 2017

A great addition to the Ice-Vibe Boots is the Ice-Vibe Cool Bag to keep your boots cooler for longer! Fill the bag with loose ice along with the cold packs and then later on in the day, use the ice-cold water to cool your horse’s legs down and then pop the ice-vibes on!

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