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Heads Above The Rest – Uvex

Heads Above The Rest – Uvex

We are passionate about quality and innovation and we pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the times. With this in mind, we are super excited to announce that we have decided to take on a new product range at the store in the form of Uvex riding helmets!

Now, Uvex is not a new company and has actually been in the business of creating cutting-edge personal protection equipment for more than 80 years. It is a company synonymous with our own, in that it was founded as, and remains, a family business with the fourth generation waiting in the wings to take over the reins! Their products are developed with absolute quality in mind, using superior state-of-the-art technology, keeping social and environmental responsibility at the forefront of the manufacturing process.  


16th December 2017
Uvex Hats

The helmets themselves are super sporty and futuristic; lots of riders seem to love the fact that they are so different from the more traditional equipment available on the market, and they are certainly very eye catching. All this, combined with the award-winning consideration taken regarding rider safety in the design of each product, means that these helmets are gaining popularity all the time. You can see them popping up all over the professional equestrian circuit, with riders such as Ingrid Klimke, Michael Jung and Ben Hobday sporting these stylish helmets at international competitions all over the world.

 So, a little about the helmets themselves; they are super lightweight, stylish and completely adjustable, meaning that they are suitable for most head-shapes. Each helmet includes the IAS 3D system, which allows both the width and height of the helmet to be adjusted, and also the Fast Adapting Strap (FAS) system, which allows the chin strap to be easily and swiftly adapted to the individual. Hardshell technology is used to form the shell of each helmet, which comprises an injection moulded, impact-resistant outer shell and an EPS inner shell that is shock absorbing and insulating. The hats are well ventilated, allowing riders’ heads to stay cool and comfortable during use, with the vents positioned aerodynamically for maximum effectiveness.

We have ordered in a selection of uvex helmets which we think are super stylish (including a very cute kids helmet) and we think you’ll love them, so come and see us for a fitting today!

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