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Hats Off

Hats Off

Hicks & Brown is a British born family business, run by two sisters; Alice and Rosie. They each have a lifetime’s history of designing and creating their own clothing and in 2014 decided to turn this passion into a business with the development of their beautiful range of Suffolk Fedora hats.

We utterly adore these hats; they are agelessly stylish, with a range of colours and designs to suit any outfit, whether you are attending a shoot in the countryside or want to add a touch of class when shopping in town.  Our Sales Assistant, Clare, has bought herself a beautiful maroon hat to spruce up her in-hand showing outfit for next season and we’ve had several customers come in to buy them for judging at shows or as a smart accessory to their driving outfits.


16th November 2017
Classic Fedora Navy

With the shooting season in full swing, and Christmas just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to update your style. Each hat is made from wool felt, with stunning detailing; from the perfectly placed game feathers to the sophisticated Hicks & Brown badge. Below we have detailed the hats which we have in stock here at Equitogs, so pop in and try them on for size!

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