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Equine America UK

Equine America manufacturing has recently been brought from the USA to the UK, in food industry factories, using only the freshest, most innovative and effective ingredients available from approved suppliers. We feel that the Equine America brand is so well known and trusted in the UK that we have decided to increase the brand range in-store, as we believe the products do really work and achieve the results you’re looking for. We have had lots of busy bees in the store over the past few weeks, building and painting our new Equine America stand.

We have increased our range of products, along with some really exciting new products that have recently launched, such as the Buteless Original Powder, the great selection of body washes from lavender to tea tree, and the fantastic new Pollen Eze supplement and Stringer Fly Spray which are perfect for these hot summer months.


15th August 2019