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Choose your boots wisely

Choose your boots wisely

The eventing season has officially begun! Hands up, who’s excited? We are, we are!!!

All you eventers out there will be looking forward to starting your season, if you haven’t had a run already. Now would be a good time to make sure that all your kit is complete and in good working order and we thought it would be useful to give you some information about the eventing boots that we stock here.

The most important thing to worry about in a cross-country boot is whether it is tough enough, whilst remaining extremely breathable at the same time. Your horse’s legs need to be protected from the inevitable knocks and scrapes that can occur when jumping solid fences over varied terrain, whist remaining cool and comfortable so as to avoid overstretching the tendons, which can result in serious injury. It is essential that you choose boots that are of good quality, both in materials and craftsmanship to ensure they are up to the job. No matter whether you are entering a local hunter trial for the first time or if you’re about to head out around a 4* track, you need to be confident that your horse’s legs are well protected and that your equipment won’t let you down.

We try to stock a range of good quality boots which are suitable for different budgets, levels and preferences, so we should have something to suit most of you. Here is a run down of the boots that we have available:

Veredus – e-vento BootsThese super smart, stylish and lightweight boots are made from AEROX microperforated neoprene with air inlets that allow heat released from the horse’s legs to be tunnelled through to a 3D mesh ducted fabric as the horse moves and is then directed outwards, away from the horse’s legs. This prevents the tendons overheating and the legs from becoming overly sweaty. The boots do not absorb or retain water, meaning that they remain dry and lightweight, despite weather and terrain conditions. They wrap all the way around the leg and are secured with Velcro fastenings, with highly protective, shock absorbing pads made from polyurethan foam which helps to reduce the shock felt during impact. These are great boots to invest in and will definitely stand up to the job. One thing to note is that the front boots come up small compared to the hind boots, so it’s best to go up a size in the fronts.

Kentucky – Air Tech Eventing Boots: Kentucky’s cross country boots have just been relaunched and we were really excited to unpack them in the shop the other day! They are super lightweight and are made of perforated, waterproof artificial leather with a perforated neoprene lining, allowing air flow to your horse’s legs keeping them cool during use. The strike guards at the front and back of the boots are made from a strong TPU shell which will protect your horse’s tendons and cannon bones from knocks and scrapes on the cross country course, along with the shock absorbing EVA foam in the body of the boots. The Velcro fastenings allow for generous and easy fitting, whilst ensuring a secure fit. These boots are suitable for all levels of competition and are very hard wearing so are definitely worth investing in.

Majyk Equipe – Boyd Martin XC Elite BootsThese boots are brand new and have just landed in store. We are so excited, they are definitely the hottest cross country boot on the market right now and we think they are probably the most protective you can get. They have been designed in conjunction with Boyd Martin, who is an international 3 day eventer and was a member of the 2012 and 2016 US Olympic Eventing Team. Boyd uses these boots on his own horses, both in training and in competition and fully advocates their effectiveness. The boots are made from a super strong and lightweight rip-stop TPU material that is permanently fused to the inner mesh fabric. The strike guard at the back of the boot is a TPU shell which is flexible and so will conform to your horse’s leg, whilst maintaining very tough protection for the tendon area. The strike guard protecting the cannon bone in the front boots is made from ARTi-LAGE™ foam which is a soft and pliable material that changes its molecular structure to harden immediately upon impact, dispersing energy away from the strike point. The hind boots have a double barrier of protection on the cannon bone with ARTi-LAGE™ foam sitting behind a TPU shield to ensure incomparable protection in this area. The boots also feature a new Bio-Foam interior, which keeps your horse’s legs, clean, cool and comfortable. Bio-Foam is very lightweight and breathable, which means that heat build-up is prevented, allowing effective air circulation. It repels water and dust to keep your horse’s legs comfortable and clean over all sorts of terrain. The outer shell of the boot is coated with the new “Forever Clean” breathable coating, which allows mud and dirt to be easily removed with a quick rinse. We are super excited about these boots and think they will be very popular so make sure you pop in to grab a set before they’re all gone! 

Choose your boots wisley


14th March 2018
Choose your boots wisley
Choose your boots wisely

Le Mieux – Stealth Shoc XC BootsNo matter what the product, Le Mieux always deliver on total quality and functionality and their cross-country boots are no different, providing effective impact protection without weight and bulk. The breathable mesh structure permits air cooling and the boots are safely secured in place with Hi-Grip Velcro locking overlay to keep them safely in place. The mounted, flexible TPU strike guards offer impact protection for your horse’s legs, alongside the Shoc impact responsive smart layer which absorbs impact and works as follows:

  1. Free form smart molecules remain flexible and fluid whilst not under pressure.
  2. The molecules articulate and lock together when impacted, dissipating shear force and protecting your horse’s legs.
  3. The molecules return to flexible, fluid state.

These boots are a great buy at a fantastic price and definitely come highly recommended. Le Mieux are in the process of releasing an updated version of these boots which will be available from May 2018, we will keep you posted once we take delivery of them.

Woof Wear – Smart Event BootWoof Wear is probably one of the most well known manufacturers of horse boots in the market today and offer clever ideas at very reasonable prices. These Smart Event Boots offer 360° protection for your horse’s legs during high impact, high speed disciplines. D30 is a soft, flexible material with high shock-absorbing properties – it basically looks and feels like putty, until you give it a good whack when it instantly becomes rock hard. The harder you hit it, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection. Woof Wear have incorporated D30 into both the cannon bone and tendon strike pads. The tendon guards also have a tough PU shell and are vented to allow airflow, helping to keep your horse’s legs cool, along with the breathable neoprene lining.

KM Elite – Pro Mesh Event BootThese boots are really lightweight and breathable, as well as being hypoallergenic which is great for those with sensitive skin. The material is very tough and resistant to tears, plus it is resistant to mould and bacteria growth, which makes keeping them clean and looking new much easier. The strike pad is made from flexible Pebax so will conform to the shape of the leg whilst remaining rigid to ensure tough protection. The perforated polyolefin closed cell foam in the centre layer of the boot allows for superior air flow to help your horse’s legs cool to stop tendons from overheating and avoiding injury.

Choose your boots wisely


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