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Cavalleria Toscana


Cavalleria Toscana

We are extremely excited about our newest brand to store, Cavalleria Toscana! The clothing from this brand is elegant and so classy, with attention focused on lots of little understated details and absolute quality. If you love lovely things but don’t like to shout from the rooftops about it, then this is the brand for you. We’ve only got a little bit in at the moment – a stunning little quilted jacket, a size run of breeches and some absolutely gorgeous competition jackets – so hurry in and take a look, before it’s all gone.

6th December 2017

Our absolute favourite pieces have got to be the stunning show jackets, they are cut just beautifully to flatter the figure and have a list of technical features as long as your arm, completely worth investing in as they are stunning and utterly timeless – we love them!