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You Can’t Put a Price on Safety

You Can’t Put a Price on Safety

Dainese is a household name in the world of motorcycling safety and has an absolutely stellar reputation. However, the company is not so well known in the equestrian sphere, as this is a fairly new area of expertise for this innovative company. Their mission for their equestrian products is to take on the challenge of pushing new technological advances which expand the concept of protection, working on the premise that equestrians are striving for freedom of movement, control and elegance, whilst maintaining confidence that they are being protected.


16th December 2017

At Equitogs, we like to stock products which are of the highest quality and technological design, and in no area is this more important than in the safety items that we offer. We have many customers who run event horses, as do our own staff, and we know only too well that feeling of dread when you’re about to strap yourself into your body protector. Historically they are cumbersome, heavy and so uncomfortable. However, in recent years, much work has been done to improve this situation; because the more comfortable you are, the better your riding will be, and the better your cross country round will be for both you and your horse. 

Dainese have created the GILET BALIOS 3 BETA ADJ, with the aim of providing lightweight, comfortable and breathable protection for the rider. This stylish body protector features innovative Flexagon technology – the whole surface of the body protector is made up of a pattern of hexagonal soft protective tiles which are made form Crash Absorb memory retention foam. This allows the body protector to perfectly retrace the contour of the torso and follow all its movements. This ergonomically created body protector acts as a protective second skin, allowing the ultimate in freedom of movement and is designed to the strictest of safety standards CE EN 13158:2009 and BETA 2009 Level 3, meaning that it is competition legal in all spheres.

We stock the GILET BALIOS 3 BETA ADJ in men’s fit, ladies fit and child’s fit, so there is something for everyone!

We also stock the ALTER-REAL WAISCOAT in a ladies fit. This is a lightweight and breathable back protector which is super slim-line, allowing it to fit neatly under a show jacket. The back protection features the same shock absorbing Flexagon technology as the GILET BALIOS 3 BETA ADJ and is perfect for that extra peace of mind when showjumping, hunting or leisure riding, without the bulk of a full body protector.

Pop into store to have a look at the Dainese range we have available where we can ensure the perfect fit!

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