Stierna - Next Level Technical

Clare - 26 / Oct / 2019

Stierna - Next Level Technical

It seems that the equestrian market is absolutely chocca bloc with exciting new brands at the moment. We have been spoilt for choice at trade fairs and have taken on quite a few exciting new brands recently as a result. One of these that has us super excited is Stierna Sportswear!

Stierna is a Swedish clothing brand, founded by Helena Strömbäck who grew up in northern Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle. She was passionate about horses from an early age and learnt how to cope with extreme weather conditions. She built a career within product development for physical outdoor sports, such as climbing, skiing and golf. As a rider, Helena found it difficult to source smart clothing with the necessary technical functionality to prove effective enough to enable her to combat the elements whilst riding, so she decided to use her skills, knowledge and experience to develop her own range of riding wear. Helen set out her mission with the following in mind:

“Riding is a sport and it is about time we riders begin to see ourselves as the athletes we are and dress accordingly.”

Stierna’s philosophy is that every riding day is a good riding day – basically, they feel that we should get in the saddle no matter what the weather throws at us. After all, they do say that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices! All of the Stierna clothing boasts tons of technical features to help us stay comfortable and dry in the saddle, as well as being super stylish in a beautifully simple and smart way. Stierna’s mission is to provide active riders with a range of high quality equestrian sportswear that allows the athlete to perform at their optimum in all conditions. 

The range is designed using the 3-Layer-System, to provide ultimate protection and temperature regulation. This system will provide much more effective warmth than one single thicker layer as heat is trapped between the layers allowing more efficient insulation.

The first layer, or base layer, lies next to the skin and should be breathable with wicking properties to ensure any moisture is moved away from the skin as quickly as possible to keep you dry. The base layer should fit close to the skin and follow the contours of your body to enable maximum effectiveness. This layer should be worn under layer 2 and/or 3 during colder weather, but can also be worn as a single garment as and when the weather allows. 

The second layer, or mid layer, is designed to trap warm air and keep body heat in cold conditions, but also to allow moist, excess heat to evaporate quickly during activity. This ensures you stay warm and dry and are able to concentrate fully on your horse during all levels of activity.

The third layer, or top layer, is designed to protect you against wind, rain and cold whilst releasing excess heat and moisture from the body and the layers underneath. To maximise comfort, active ventilation openings and/or stretch panels are built into the garments. The fabric also remains breathable and wicking to allow the whole layering system to work effectively.

Stierna is a young company and are continuously working on their sustainability efforts to minimise their impact on the environment. They follow Vivienne Westwood’s philosophy that you should buy less, choose well and make it last. The 3-Layer-System helps them achieve this as it allows a more versatile and efficient use of your garments all year round. As well as the functionality of the clothing,  the simple, classic designs mean that it will always stay in fashion. There are a number of materials used in the collection which offer excellent technical properties whilst remaining ethical and environmentally friendly:

EquTex™ – Fluorocarbon-free protection

These fabrics are based on membrane technology and are used in the Stierna high-performance garments. They are free from harmful organic halogens and are fully biodegradable. A waterproof yet breathable membrane is combined with different outer fabrics to suit a specific need. The membrane prevents water from penetrating the fabric, whilst at the same time allowing moisture to be released from the garment. 

3M Thinsulate – Down free, lightweight warmth

This product has been designed to closely mimic the look and performance of natural down but without the allergens or the necessity to harm any animals during its production. It is recyclable, extremely lightweight and highly breathable as well as providing extreme warmth for extreme conditions. It also stays warm even when wet and is incredibly easy care.

Bamboo charcoal – Natural odour control

The bamboo charcoal fabric has an anti-odour effect without the need for any added chemicals. It also has a natural coolness that will help you to regulate your body temperature and keep you fresh and comfortable during and after activity. The fibers are quick-drying and the fabric can be washed numerous times with no adverse effect on the quality of the charcoal, as it is embedded into the fabric rather than coated onto the surface.

Stierna are a very innovative company and their brilliant ideas shine out of their collection like beacons. We love the incredibly stylish but practical W Air Jacket – this is a wind resistant top layer that is made from a highly reflective fabric to help ensure you are seen in low lighting on the roads. Another of our favorites are the Prime 3L Pants – these are waterproof trousers made from EquTex™ fabric. They come in a full length or 3/4 length version. We have them in black for every day use and also in white for competition on a wet day to stop your competition breeches from getting trashed during bad weather.  

We have a whole range of Stierna clothing in store now that is selling fast. Check out our Stierna vlog where we show you how the clothing fits and how it looks on. Pop in to try some of it on or give us a call at the shop if you would like more information.

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