Fun in the SUN!

Lauren - 26 / Apr / 2022

Fun in the SUN!

Let your horse explore outdoors in these fab summer rugs!

With the weather warming up, are you struggling with what rugs to choose? No need to panic, We've got you covered with all the latest styles so your horse can enjoy feeling lighter, cooler and protected.

Here's our Summer Favourites to see you through Spring & Summer!

The ultimate rug - Features a unique design with an integrated liner system, perfect to use if your horse is turned out at night. Can also be used during humid days where rain is predicted. Allowing maximum airflow through the netted sides this rug is always top of our list!

  • Rambo Protector

The robust rug - Designed with unique, patented, self-repairing fabric, which is highly durable and made to last - ideal for those horse's that are tough on their rugs. Protects against flies and UV rays, whilst offering maximum breathability keeping your horse cool. 

The popular rug - Renown for it's UV protection and water resistant fabric, ensuring your horse can enjoy turnout even on the hottest of days this rug is completely breathable.

  • Amigo AmECO Bug Buster

The environmentally friendly rug - Constructed from recycled plastic bottles giving waste a second life – whilst ensuring maximum comfort, breathability and protection against UV rays and those nasty flies! Cool fact: 149 plastic bottles are recycled to create 1 standard sized fly rug.

  • Amigo CamoFLY

The stylish rug - Specifically designed to help camouflage horses from pesky bugs and flies. The monochromatic pattern may be a simple way to protect horses by helping to deter flies from landing on their body. The layered black lines on a grey background act to create an optical illusion in the eye of a fly. It breaks up the shape of the horse, so insects struggle to identify it as a target.

Top-to-Tail protection rug - Protects against even the smallest of flies! This versatile rug can be used in the stable or during turnout and is perfect for sensitive horses or those that suffer with summer skin conditions. It's integrated neck design and belly protection are just some of it's perks! Made with a unique fabric that creates a super soft, comfortable feel but yet it's built to last for many seasons.

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