Haas Grooming Brushes

Haas Grooming Brushes


Some say that grooming is the art of removing dirt from your horse and transferring it to yourself! This is all too true, especially at this time of year, when our horses are all coming in from the field caked in mud and the prospect of spending what feels like hours brushing away is almost too much to bear!

The thing is, it’s actually very good for our horses to be covered in mud sometimes. It soothes them, they enjoy a good roll in a muddy patch of the field and it helps their mental well-being, as well as physical. Sometimes, we should try to remember to let our horses be horses and allow them to indulge in natural behaviours – including making themselves filthy! Although grooming may seem like a tedious and time consuming task for some, it is actually a very important process to help create and strengthen a bond between horse and owner. Horses would groom each other in the wild and you can see domesticated horses doing so out in the field. Your horse will appreciate a really good regular groom and let’s face it, it’s so satisfying to spend a bit of time turning a mud-monster into a gleaming and beautiful horse once more!

However, we obviously can’t spend all our time bathing and grooming our horses to make them look presentable again, or we would never have the time to ride or do anything else! This is where we have a solution that could revolutionise your daily grooming routine and show preparation methods! We are very excited to introduce HAAS Grooming Products to store! We have been wanting to stock these for ages and we can’t wait to get on with using them ourselves on our own horses!



11th January 2018

HAAS is a German company that has been in production since 1919, having initially produced household items. The company was taken over in 1984 and began to expand the product range into horse grooming equipment. HAAS do not use nails in the production of their grooming brushes to reduce risk of injury and they do not use wooden bases for their brushes to ensure better hygiene, higher quality and longer brush life. The brushes are manufactured in Germany and utmost importance is placed on quality and longevity; during the manufacturing process the hand strap and bristles are directly incorporated into the body of the brush and this guarantees that the brush will not fall apart or damage easily.

The brushes come in packs which are put together with different coat colours and types in mind and we will be stocking the following:

  • White/Grey/Coloured
  • Light Bay/Chestnut 
  • Black/Dark Bay

Each pack comes with a number of brushes which need to be used in a certain order for maximum effectiveness. There will be instructions in each pack to explain which order to use them in and the exact function of each brush. The bristles used are designed to minimise skin problems and to effectively remove dirt, scurf and dust from your horse’s coat with minimal effort from you. After using the brushes in the correct order, your horse will be gleaming without the need for endless sprays or removing essential natural oils from the coat. These brushes really do bring up the most beautiful shine in much less time than it would take with conventional brushes.

We have lots of other HAAS products in store which you can use alongside the colour packs and also some children’s brushes made in bright colours for small hands. These brushes are a real investment that will stand the test of time! We can’t wait to see pictures of your sleek, shining equines!



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