Acavallo’s aim is to create products which focus on the welfare, comfort and protection of the horse, which in turn can help to improve the performance of the horse and rider partnership.




11th November 2017

Here at Equitogs, we have decided to stock the gel pads and seat savers from the range as we love the fact that they are great quality products with a unique approach to achieving comfort for our horses.

The gel pads are ultra-lightweight with shock absorbing gel, which can be used directly on the horse’s back with any type of saddle for those who are sensitive in the back area. The gel is breathable so will not cause your horse to sweat unnecessarily in the saddle area.

These pads are designed to block any unwanted movement of the saddle, (backwards, forwards, or sideways) through their unique sticky gel. The pads will retain full stick-ability after washing, so longevity of use is a definite. We recommend machine washing at 30 degrees or you can hand wash using mild soap. Do not use any harsh detergents and do not tumble dry – allow them to dry naturally.

These pads are incredibly pliable and will mould to your horse’s shape. If you find your pad overhangs and is visible under the saddle, it can be easily cut down to size and will not fray or distort if altered. They are antibacterial, non-toxic, hypo allergenic, non-absorbent and odourless.

Acavallo Thin Gel Pad

We stock lots of different styles, some are shaped with rear or front risers and come with a sheepskin trim. The benefit of the sheepskin is that each fibre in the wool acts as a tiny shock absorber in itself. Sheepskin is also very efficient as a sweat absorber and can evaporate the sweat seven times faster than synthetic material.

All sheepskin products are machine washable at 30 degrees, although some people prefer to hand wash with mild soap. A great tip for keeping your sheepskin looking new is to rub human hair conditioner into the wool and then to place a tennis ball into the washing machine with it. This will help the wool keep its shape for longer. Do not tumble dry and do no expose to direct heat, always leave to dry naturally.

Acavallo Sheepskin Gel Pad

We also love the gel seat savers which give a really lovely cushioning to your saddle as well as helping you stay in the right place. These are also shock absorbing, which can really help those of you with orthopaedic problems.

So there we have it, we love the Acavallo range and think that the quality and functionality of these pads is second to none. Lots of the big names agree, including the one and only Charlotte Dujardin, who says:

“I love my Acavallo gel pad for the comfort and the freedom it gives Valegro. He enjoys the therapeutic gel pads under his saddle and the beautiful lambskin adds that special touch, as well as the super soft shock absorbing layer. I wouldn’t be without them.”


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